Eli and Chava Fachler - our guests of honour at the Dinner

Eli and Chava Fachler arrived in Britain as teenage refugees from Germany in the months before WW2. From 1944 to 1971, they lived in Letchworth Garden City, a remarkable Jewish community that was also home to the Sassoon, Feuchtwanger, Schischa, Roth and Kirsch families. In 1971 the Fachlers moved to London, and joined the Shomrei Hadath synagogue, where their son Mordechai would later serve as rabbi. Eli and Chava made aliya in 1990, and live in Jerusalem.

When Eli and Chava got married on their wartime kibbutz in Buckinghamshire, England, in 1944, they made a vow that they would rebuild the family shattered by the Holocaust. By any objective standards, they have fulfilled their vow. They had seven children (Yanky, David, Mordechai, Chaim, Melanie, Meir and Yossi). To their twenty-six grandchildren, and over eighty great-grandchildren, they are known as Opi and Omi.

Throughout their lives, this gregarious couple has made a tremendous impact on generations and generations of people from across the world. In Letchworth, London and Jerusalem, they have welcomed literally thousands of friends and strangers into their home - for Shabbat meals, for Kiddush, for R&R, and for social events. And across the world, you will find people who will happily tell you how much their lives have been touched in a very positive way by Eli and Chava.

The dedication of the Mordechai Fachler Family Therapy Unit is very dear to the hearts of Eli and Chava, and they urge everyone to help make this a reality.